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Scrolling down my Instagram feed on Thurdsday night, I was so happy to see these images of Calvin Klein Collection S/S 2015.  A modern and contemporary collection, S/S 2015 included recognisable, classic Calvin Klein garments revisited, updating this well known brand. Weaving metallic yarn through knitwear, Francisco Costa reinventied last seasons pieces, focusing on the idea of technology within fashion along with innovative fabrics.  Layered over long sheer skirts were racerback tanks and structural jackets, some made from shiny, slick leather; paired with chunky lucite platform sandals; A strong, sportswear silhouette made sexy and sharp.  Know as one of the best minimalist fashion designers, revitalising the Calvin Klein brand each season, Francisco Costa never fails to impress those viewing his shows. Personally my favourite collection of this season so far.


Having a wardrobe consisting mostly of black, recently I have found myself subtly introducing red, my new favourite colour; one which goes alongside black perfectly and one which I have found appealing when watching 90's movies, as I explained in my previous post! My recent purchases have included: a sportwear/prada inspired black ribbed dress with mesh detail, red neckline and armholes, a cropped biker jacket, a red neoprene bodycon skirt, 2 ribbed long sleeved cropped tops in black and white (which I am wearing here) and heeled pointed mules with ankle straps.


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Maybe it's watching too many episodes of Friends or movies such as Pretty Women and Crocodile Dundee that have sparked my interest in the 90s again... or maybe it is looking at the resort collections of Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga. Recently I have been inspired by many elements of 1990s fashion such as: high waisted trousers worn with silver belt buckles, denim,  minimal silhouettes, sportswear details, ribbed fabrics, stripes, non-padded bras, cropped tops and slip dresses. Style icons: Kate Moss, Monica Geller and Rachel Green (Friends series 1-4). Colours such as: white, black, grey, 
beige, brown and red. 


Reinvention, recycling and deconstruction are three words commonly used to describe the house codes of Maison Martin Margiela. Interpreting and recycling classic pieces of clothing into modern and inventive garments is what the team at Margiela to best.  
This season Maison Martin Margiela revisited their memory of Haute Couture, studying the relevance of couture in our modern day society, they created new garments from old couture pieces and fabrics from around the world.  Selectively sourcing old couture along with swatches of wool, lace and embroidery, the Maison interpreted vintage pieces into the collection such as silk bomber jackets, coats and dresses by well-known couture designers,  giving 'old' couture a modern twist, a new life, value and purpose. The show started with a 'minimal' look; a masked model wore a white shirt customised with vintage buttons paired with white thigh high legging-boots worn with nude black-heeled mule-like sandals.  In contrast to this clean and crisp look came heavily embroidered jackets made from vintage found fabrics, also paired with white thigh high boots, a running theme throughout the collection.  
As the show went on, Margiela showcased more and more garments including sourced vintage fabrics and items.  Coins found in drawers and flea markets around Paris and Antwerp were sewn on to mesh like fabric creating floor length skirts and dresses, large embroidered 3D lobsters were placed onto classic couture boned bustiers and 20th century lace, wool and embroidery samples were sewn together forming dresses and coats.  Made from old recycled items and vintage couture fabric samples, every inch of the clothing in this collection has its own history and could tell a story.
The history of couture, and what it can be today was perfectly presented to us by the house of Martin Margiela, a house that always revisits historical fashion, bringing it into modern life and society, reinventing and interpreting what was couture into what it can be now.